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Discover Model United Nations


Discover Model United Nations (DMUN) is a non-profit organization that provides a free, virtual platform for students of all ages and backgrounds to participate in Model United Nations (MUN). DMUN was founded in 2021 with the goal of making MUN more accessible to young people around the world.

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Discover Model United Nations Offline


The Discover Model United Nations Offline (DMUNOffline) is a extension to the DMUN programme, which focuses on extending the DMUN experience in-person, providing a platform for delegates to freely discuss, debate, network, and create lifelong friendships. The conference tends to be hosted in North America for logistical reasons.

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Discover Model United Nations Africa


The Discover Model United Nations Africa Conference is designed to provide an inclusive experience for delegates living in Africa and European timezones. This conference is committed to create a inclusive experience for DMUN programmes, and to allow for greater distribution of Model UN conferences in the continent.

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Discover Model United Nations Asia


DMUN Asia is a free, virtual Model United Nations conference organized by Discover Model United Nations (DMUN). It is designed to provide young leaders from Asia with the opportunity to engage in meaningful discussions and negotiations on global issues.

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Discover Model United Nations America


Designed for delegates coming from the Americas, DMUN America is based on the EST timezone to allow more delegates from the Americas to participate in the DMUN conference, which they were not able to due to timezone constraints. DMUN America offers the same DMUN experience we're known for, but also provides some new experiences like the Union of South American States.

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DMUN Sustainability Conference


The DMUN Sustainability Conference consists of two activities, a conference on the global discussions about sustainability measures, and a month long program where participants can learn about how they can achieve sustainability. 

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Model Parliament by DMUN


Model Parliament by DMUN is a virtual simulation of the legislative process in a real parliament. Participants take on the role of parliamentarians and debate and vote on legislation. The goal of Model Parliament is to educate participants about the legislative process and to help them develop their critical thinking and public speaking skills.

International Politics & International Relations Essay Competition

The International Politics & International Relations Essay Contest is a global essay competition. The essays should be between 1,000 and 2,000 words in length and should address a current or emerging issue in international politics or international relations. 

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Workshops & Discussions by DMUN


Workshops & discussions by DMUN is a collection of workshops for participants across the world to develop skills in political activism, international relations, and other fields. We have invited professionals from these fields, from professors to youth activists to showcase their story of change and inspire others.

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Model United Nations Alliance


The MUNAlliance is the continuation of MUN Network after its retirement. MUNAlliance acts as an alliance of Model United Nations and NGOs, creating a platform for opportunities for delegates, chairs, and organisers.

Currently, operations for the Model United Nations Alliance is led by the GDMUN High Commission, under legal authorisation from the DMUN Foundation.

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Retired Programmes

MonthlyMUN by DMUN


MonthlyMUN was a virtual Model United Nations (MUN) conference that was held every month. The conference was free to participate and is held entirely online. The conference is organized by Discover Model United Nations (DMUN) and is open to students from all over the world.

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Model United Nations Network


The MUN Network was a joint venture between the DMUN Foundation and ILMUN Group, a Turkish based non-profit organisation. The MUN Network acted as an alliance of Model United Nations, fostering collaboration.

This programme has been retired, and members were moved to MUNAlliance due to the expiry of joint venture with ILMUN Group.

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Our programmes our expanding. We're giving more youths more opportunities to find their next hobby, role model, friend, or a dream.

But we need your help to operate these programmes. We are looking for volunteers to contribute to our work and lead these new ventures.

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