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Beware of scams implying association with the DMUN Foundation or its Programs

The DMUN Foundation has been made aware of various correspondences, being circulated via e-mail, from Internet web sites, text messages and via regular mail or facsimile, falsely stating that they are issued by, or in association with the DMUN Foundation and/or its officials. These scams, which may seek to obtain money and/or in many cases personal details from the recipients of such correspondence, are fraudulent.

The DMUN Foundation wishes to warn the public at large about these fraudulent activities being perpetrated purportedly in the name of the Organisation, and/or its officials, through different fraud schemes.

  • The DMUN Foundation DOES NOT charge fees in the operation of any programmes listed inside this website.
  • The DMUN Foundation DOES NOT demand payment for any employment processes.
  • The DMUN Foundation its NOT AFFILIATED to any other organization, nor is it merged with any other non-profit entity that is NOT ANNOUNCED in the Newsroom.
  • The DMUN Foundation's partnership with ENOMAD on the Sustainability Forum is solely with the DMUN Foundation, and not any other entity that is not DMUN or ENOMAD.
  • The DMUN Foundation DID NOT AUTHORISE any OTHER ENTITY except for DMUN to use its images, logos, and other trademarked items.
If you see any websites with the intellectual property of the DMUN Foundation, and falsely implying association with the DMUN Foundation, please email the DMUN Foundation Security, Security, Asset & Intellectual Property Protection Team at

UPDATE: 12/10/2023 Regarding DLMUN 

The DMUN Foundation IS NOT AFFILIATED with the DLMUN Foundation,, or any other sub organizations of DLMUN. Our Security, Asset & Intellectual Property Protection Team acknowledges several false statements and intellectual property law violations inside the website of DLMUN, and are taking action.

With this, our Security, Asset & Intellectual Property Protection advises the following to the public regarding DLMUN:

  • DO NOT REGISTER for DLMUN Programs.
  • DO NOT APPLY for DLMUN Staff positions.
  • DO NOT PARTNER with the DLMUN Foundation.
Matyas Gacsadi,
Director of Security, Asset & Intellectual Property Protection,
DMUN Foundation