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We are Youths.

We are Change.

We are DMUN.

We educate politics, governance, and international relations:
Anyone, anywhere, for free.
About Us
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Raise Your Voice.

Welcome to DMUN - where youth leads the way in shaping tomorrow's world. We are not just a platform; we are a movement driven by the passion and energy of young individuals determined to make a difference. We believe in the power of education to transform societies, and that's why we offer a unique opportunity for anyone, regardless of location, to delve into the realms of politics, governance, and international relations - all at absolutely no cost.

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Executive Director

The inaugural Executive Director and the Founder is Jaewon Choi. Being a high school student in Boston, an entrepreneur, and an avid MUNer, he has been committed to providing educational experiences for youths across the world, and help them create their own aspirations and ambitions into reality through DMUN Foundation's programmes.

Our Team
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DMUN Foundation in a Glance.

Founded in 2021
Starting in 2021 with just 1 Model United Nations Conference, we now offer numerous programmes with thousands of annual participants.
7000+ Participants
In just a short span of 3 years, we have gathered over 7000 registered participants across our 7 annual programmes.
170+ Nationalities
Our large participant demographic is also as diverse, with over 170 nationalities participating in our ventures, across 6 continents.
10+ Yearly Projects
While we started with Model UN, we now have debates, essays, workshops, and many more projects across the education sector.

Recent News

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Testimonials from DMUN Asia 2023
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